Pricing, Products & Sales for Senior Photographers


Pricing, Products & Sales for Senior Photographers


OPEN FOR REGISGRATION 12/27/17 - 1/10/17

With two studios in two different states and a sales average of $2k, Sarah Modene has years of experience using her In-Person Sales method when it comes to building a product-based portrait business. This class will teach you how to price your work, design and sell products, and run in-person ordering sessions for your clients. Take control of your business and become confident in your ability to sell your work with Sarah’s methods and tools! 

Class materials include: 

  • PDF Guide covering pricing basics: packages, a la carte, products and how to price them 
  • Vendor Guide for specific products that Sarah offers 
  • Video Tutorials: Sarah teaches you how to “sell” your work without selling, how to create packages that sell themselves for you, how to run an ordering session from start to finish
  • Investment Guide & client email templates
  • Design Templates for some of Sarah’s most popular products
  • Private Facebook Group for all attendees where you can ask questions and Sarah will answer 

Class materials will be emailed to all attendees on 1/10/17. This class will ONLY be available to sign up for until 1/10/17. 

There is a mileage restriction of a 80-mile radius outside of zip codes 43551 and 33707.

Registration opens 12/27 @ 9am EST! Sign up by 11:59PM EST on 1/3/17 to get the special Early Bird Rate of $99 before the price goes up to $149! 


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